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I’m a horse. My mama, a 60 something lady, had a blog and she was going to write 60 posts during her 60th year. But she didn’t make it. Only wrote 12 or so, and then gave up because she’d named her blog “60 on 60.” Too bad. She turned the whole thing over to me, saying, “Have at it, TJ, tell the world what it’s like being you.”

There was another horse once that did something like this: Beauty was his name, but that was a long time ago, and way before blogs. I’m white, unlike Beauty (who was black) and I don’t have a lot in common with Beauty, except that we were both born horses and have been passed around, from owner to owner. I had another mama before this one who didn’t like me very much. I just didn’t suit her: couldn’t do anything right, and she cussed at me – a lot. Because I didn’t suit her, she decided to sell me, and as country cowboys are wont to do, they passed me from one to another, in search of a buyer.

It was about that time, in the fall of 2005, that my current mama got to thinking that she was really missing having a horse, and was wondering if she might be able to find a suitable one. So Cowboy Don made her an offer: told her she could test ride me on a trail ride, to see if she liked me, and if so, he would sell me to her, and board me at his farm for a reasonable fee. So my current mama took that test ride, and the rest is history so to speak. For her, it was love at first sight. For me, well, I had to keep my options open, because humans are funny creatures. Like I said, I’ve been the source of a human’s displeasure, and so I know how to wait. Funny thing is, lately my mama and I have gotten pretty tight.

She was always kind to me, even though she kept me on a tight rein in those open fields. She thought I needed some schooling, I think. But now, she’s got this notion that the two of us are going to have a relationship. It’s not going to be just about climbing onto my back and trudging through woods and fields with a bunch of yahoos and their horses. She’s decided to get to know me.

Today she took me to meet a thoroughbred, a classy guy, named Irish. He was okay. We walked around together a while, and I kind of got to know his place. It was very different from mine. Shady and cooler than my place, which is very sunny: baked in the sun, almost, although I think my pasture may be a little better than his. Anyway, it was all kind of okay. I found myself coming out of my shell, a little. I don’t know, maybe there is something to this relationship stuff. I’m learning some new tricks that seem to please my mama. She rode me in a large riding ring today, and I haven’t done that kind of work in a long time. I’d just as soon head on out the gate, which I tried to show her, but eventually I did a little loping and changed my lead, to everyone’s satisfaction. Like I said, it was okay. Life’s a little more interesting this way. Now when she shows up at my place, I don’t know exactly what to expect. It may be kind of interesting to see what happens. She’s notorious for giving me treats, and I play along, because I like the new butterscotch ones that she’s offering. Not a bad day at all, for a horse.


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